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All But One (Mit Christian Bass an den Drums)


Datum: 17.09.2017 um 19:00

Veranstaltungsort: Vortex Surfer Musik Club, Auf den Hütten 4, Siegen-Weidenau
Ja, ein Sonntag, aber ... dann halt mal kein Tatort / Netflix & chill | Máté Bodor – Guitar (ALESTORM) | Joe Carter-Hawkins – Vocals (WHEN OUR TIME COMES) | Karoly Alapi – Guitar (Ex – ATMOSPHERES) | Péter Lerch – Bass | Christian Bass – Drums (HEAVEN SHALL BURN) | With members of ALESTORM, HEAVEN SHALL BURN and WHEN OUR TIME COMES - ALL BUT ONE have a brand new message to deliver. Their powerhouse debut album tastefully fuses the worlds of Pop and Metal music, combining accomplished melody with masterful guitar and fearsome breakdowns. ALL BUT ONE was born as a passion project of ALESTORM guitarist Máté Bodor. After catching the attention of an elite group of likeminded musicians, what began as a side project evolved into what will undoubtably become a formidable force in the rock music industry. ALL BUT ONE are a product of professionalism, uncompromising passion and an unstoppable hunger to succeed. / Siehe auch:

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